2015 Fireman of the Year

At our annual dinner Saturday night, Tom Grinsell was presented with the 2015 Fireman of the Year award. Earlier in the evening, Tom was also presented with a 30 year pin. During his long service to FVFD, Tom has filled many positions, including chief from 2008 to 2013. He currently is managing our I Am Responding program, helping manage the Explorer program, and helping restore the 1955 American LaFrance. Thank you Tom for all you’ve done for the department the last 3 decades.

This is the second time Tom has been selected as Fireman of the Year, previously winning the award in 1995.


New Engine for Company 3 Arrives

The long awaited replacement for 7323 finally arrived in Ferndale. The new engine, manufactured by Rosenbauer, in South Dakota, will be designated as 7313. The change from 7323 to 7313 is mostly due to the new seating capacity. While the old Engine 3 could only seat 3, the new engine has seating for 5.

The engine has some work to be done on it before it can be placed in service. It is expected to be in service mid June.

First View of 7313



Rear Pump Panel

Tom and Dennis check out the new 7313

Old and New Engine 3

Old and New Engine 3

Old and New Engine 3

2015 Fire Academy Graduates

Last night at the FVFD meeting, Rus Brown from Fortuna Fire handed out the diplomas for the 2015 Fire Academy graduates. Congratulations to Robert Anderson, Quincy Russ, Adam Hartley, and not pictured, Gillian Gallagher and Barbara James. Thanks for putting in all that extra time for training the last few months.

2015 Fire Academy Graduates

Blood Drive Feb. 25th

FVFD will be hosting a community blood drive at the fire hall, on Wednesday, Feb. 25th. Come donate a pint between 1600 and 1930 (4pm to 7:30pm for those of you who don’t live on 24 hour clocks) and we’ll thank you by serving you a free dinner.

Web Site Redesign

Matt Knowles, Captain of Company 1, and owner of Aesthetic Design & Photography, has been working hard on a redesign of the FVFD web site, which you can now see. As more and more people access the web on phones and tablets, Matt wanted to make the site more accessible for people using those devices.

Another major goal in the redesign was to include more information on the apparatus we currently have, and the historical apparatus the department has owned.

Matt’s also been busy scanning lots of historical photos. They’ve been added to our website at history.ferndalefire.org, but with the new design those photos are better integrated into our main site here. While you can view the photos here, if you go over to the history.ferndalefire.org site, you can search for photos by keyword, as well as order prints, or purchase items such as t-shirts and mugs with your favorite photos.

If you have historical photos of Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department members, activities, or apparatus that you don’t see here, please contact us at history@ferndalefire.org.

1955 American LaFrance Junior V-12 Engine, Transmission and Pump for Sale

Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department has a complete Junior V-12 engine, transmission and pump that has been pulled from our 1955 American LaFrance pumper that is currently being restored. At the time it was pulled, it was running but needed some work on the crankshaft. A replacement motor was found, complete with transmission and pump, so that was installed instead.

The old engine has had the crank redone by Motor Warehouse and is currently in an unassembled state.

$2000 for all, or best offer.

2013 Firefighter of the Year

The Firefighter of the Year Award is for a firefighter who has exceeded the requirements and expectations of his or her position and has shown a distinct pattern of service, professionalism, and commitment to the Ferndale Volunteer Fire Dept.

Rick & Janice NichosonThis year, Capt. Rick Nicholson was honored at the annual dinner for his many accomplishments since joining the department in 2008.

In addition to being captain of Company 4, Rick has:

  • Received an attendance award in all but one year since joining
  • Attained upgraded driver’s license to drive fire equipment
  • Maintained a current EMT certification
  • Received additional training such as Hazmat, wildland, water rescue, swift water, low angle rope to name just a few
  • Been active member of Eel River Valley Technical Rescue Team
  • Performed many maintenance tasks such as resealing the Tender 6 tank
  • Been active training new recruits attending the Eel River Valley Fire Academy

Thank you Rick for all you’ve done and continue to do.

New History Gallery Added To Website

fvfd039Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department is launching a new section of our website which you’ll find by clicking on the History button in the menu.

Historical photos, minutes and other data will be posted here. It is a big project to get the photos scanned and cataloged so keep checking back. We’ll be adding new stuff all the time.

The photos will be sorted by decade. We started out in the 1950s and where possible we have mentioned the date, or at least the year if known. We’ve also included any notes with the photos that mention what the event is, and who is featured in the photo.

If you have any more information on any photos, such as when the fire was, where it was, who’s in the photo, details about the equipment, please leave a comment so we can let others know too.

If you find a photo you really like you can purchase a print, or order merchandise such as t-shirts or coffee mugs with it.

We hope you enjoy looking through these galleries. If you have photos you’d like to contribute, please contact or bring them by the fire hall.