1993 History


Chief: Jack Smith
Asst. Chief: Tom Grinsell
Asst. Chief: Dave Nicholson

Fireman of the Year: Leo Basler

Company 1

  • Capt. Rich Leonardo
  • Lt. Carl Gossien
  • Wayne Boots
  • Kevin Frey
  • Mike Manzi
  • Jim Grinsell
  • Glenn Martella
  • George Nichols

Company 2

  • Capt. Ben Liu
  • Lt. Daniel Del Biaggio
  • Bill Becker
  • Dan Bugbee
  • Tim Grinsell
  • Kevin Laloli
  • Randy Lorenzo
  • Jerry Lema
  • Lee Tomasini

Company 3

  • Capt. Eric Hartwell
  • Lt. Dennis DelBiaggio
  • Gary Edgmon
  • Greg Ford
  • Tom Ford
  • Bill Klatt
  • Mike Ring
  • Paul Sauer
  • Stuart Titus

Company 4

  • Capt. Manuel Enos
  • Lt. Leo Basler
  • Jim Becker
  • Pat Christie
  • Mark De Nune
  • Dennis Filippini
  • Troy Land
  • Larry Pries
  • Robin Smith

Note: All of the galleries here may also be accessed at http://history.ferndalefire.org. At that web site you can order prints, as well as items such as T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, etc. with your favorite photos. The photos have also been indexed so you can search for photos that feature your favorite firefighter or apparatus.

6/5/1993 - 1972 International Tender 6

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7/10/1993 - Ferndale Firemen's Muster

1993 Ferndale Firemen's Muster ProgramFerndale held it's second CFMA Sanctioned Firemen's Muster at the Humboldt County Fairgrounds. Download the 1993 CFMA Muster program. Click to show images show

12/1993 - Structure Fire

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12/1993 - Christmas Party

Christmas Party held at the fire hall

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