2018 History


Chief: Daniel DelBiaggio
Asst. Chief: Rick Nicholson
Asst. Chief: Andy Titus

Fireman of the Year:

Company 1

  • Capt. Ralph Lopez
  • Lt. Robert Anderson
  • Adrian Lopez
  • Terry O’Reilly
  • Clint Michel
  • Tracy Van Emerik*

Company 2

  • Capt. Tyson Boynton
  • Lt. Francis Enos
  • Dustin DelBiaggio
  • Daniel DelBiaggio, Jr.
  • Tom Grinsell
  • Shane McKay
  • Josh Smith

Company 3

  • Capt. Josh Adams
  • Lt. Byran McWaters
  • Don Bowen
  • Jif D’Aguanno
  • Dennis DelBiaggio
  • Gillian Gallagher
  • Brian Morrison
  • Terry O’Reilly

Company 4

  • Capt. Quincy Russ
  • Lt. Troy Land
  • Allison Barnwell
  • Mark Meftah*

*New Members

Note: All of the galleries here may also be accessed at http://history.ferndalefire.org. At that web site you can order prints, as well as items such as T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, etc. with your favorite photos. The photos have also been indexed so you can search for photos that feature your favorite firefighter or apparatus.