1898 History


Chief: W.B. Barney
Asst. Chief: Fred Cruickshanks
Foreman: Jas Niebur
Asst. Foreman: C.L. Alford
2nd Asst. Foreman: J.P. Meng
Treasurer: E.A. Aggeler
Secretary: William Henry Niebur

Engine Co. 1


  • Forman C. Bartlett
  • 1st Asst. Foreman John McNaughton
  • 2nd Asst. Foreman Tom Johnston
  • Treasurer Ed Aggeler
  • Secretary P.M. Neville

Duty Assignments

  • Charles Shillers - 1st Nozzleman
  • Chris Petersen - 1st Nozzleman Asst.
  • J. Goodlin -2nd Nozzleman
  • Henry Hebbly - 2nd Nozzleman Asst.
  • George Collins - Coupler
  • Thomas Flowers - Coupler
  • John McNaughton - Suction Hose
  • P.M. Neville - Suction Hose
  • Ed Aggeler - Pole Tender
  • T. Johnston - Pole Tender
  • Cal Rurnrile (sp?) - Brake Tender
  • John Meng - Brake Tender

Hose Co. 2

  • William Bartlett
  • I.W. Davis
  • William Davis
  • Ira Lovell
  • W. Michel

Hook & Ladder

December 23, 1898 - Ferndale Enterprise

Chas Bartlett took up a subscription in Ferndale yesterday for the purpose of erecting a building in which to store the fire engine, hook and ladder truck and hose cart No. 1. Ira Russ has donated the lot next to the Bank block, upon which to build, and the structure will also contain a large meeting room. The hauling of lumber has been donated and enough money has already been subscribed to guarantee the contstruction of the building. Work will commence soon. (The bank referred to here is the Ferndale Bank which was in the building that is now the Victorian Inn.)