FVFD hosted a CFMA muster for the second time, on July 10 and 11. 1993 Ferndale Muster Program


Ferndale hosted another CFMA Firemen’s Muster at the fairgrounds Aug. 30-31. This muster was the state championship final.

Work on raising the fire hall began in December. As fire apparatus grew in size, new engines like the upcoming 1998 HiTech Engine 1 could no longer fit through the doors, making the addition necessary. DCI Builders raised the hall 2 feet, poured a new foundation, refinished the downstairs interior, and added the rear extension. The rear extension not only provided room for two tenders to park in one stall downstairs, but upstairs it provided for a new office for the chiefs to use.


In March the renovation on the hall was finished and equipment was moved back in.

In August, the new Engine 1 built by Hi-Tech, arrived. It replaced the 1969 International/Van Pelt which was previously the Company 3 Hook & Ladder truck. The Van Pelt was then sold to Petrolia.