2012 History


Chief: Tom Grinsell
Asst. Chief: Daniel DelBiaggio
Asst. Chief: Jerry Lema

Fireman of the Year: Jack Smith

Company 1

  • Capt. Matt Knowles
  • Lt. Andy Titus
  • Don Bowen
  • Marc Daniels
  • Randy Lorenzo
  • Bart Overson
  • Adam Pillar
  • John Snyder

Company 2

  • Capt. D. DelBiaggio, Jr.
  • Lt. Shane McKay
  • Leo Basler
  • Tyson Boynton
  • Dustin DelBiaggio
  • Travis Grinsell
  • Jason Queen
  • Jack Smith
  • Josh Smith
  • Mike Thomas

Company 3

  • Capt. Jif D'Aguanno
  • Lt. Josh Adams
  • Doug Brown
  • Dennis DelBiaggio
  • Mike Ferguson
  • Tom Ford
  • Byran McWaters
  • John Miller
  • Brian Morrison
  • Terry O'Reilly

Company 4

  • Capt. Rick Nicholson
  • Lt. Becca Ackley
  • Sabrina Kinsey
  • Troy Land
  • Will Scott

2/19/2012 - Firemen's Games

Company 2 won the hose lay and the Water Polo. Company 3 won the Buckets. Company 4 won the chance to cook hamburgers. Company 1 was doing something else that day.

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2/25/2012 - Annual Dinner

Firemen's Games trophies were handed out, and Daniel DelBiaggio was presented with the 2011 Firefighter of the Year award.

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4/6/2012 - Wash & Wax Day

Students from FHS washed our rigs as part of a service day.

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4/10/2012 - Ambulance Crash

Shortly after rescuing a hiker off the Lost Coast who had broken his leg, we had to rescue the ambulance that was carrying him.

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4/19/2012 - SCBA Drill

A smoky obstacle course was set up in the milking barn at the fairgrounds for an SCBA drill.

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6/13/2012 - New Roof and Siren for Hall

While Redwood Empire Roofing is installing a new roof on the firehall, Dennis DelBiaggio, Daniel DelBiaggio, and Jack Smith were busy constructing a new base for the siren and antenna tower.

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9/11/2012 - 911 Memorial in Fortuna

Tender 6 and Engine 1 participated in the 911 Memorial Parade in Fortuna.

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11/15/2012 - Ladder Drill

Ladder and escape drills were taught.

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12/25/2012 - Company 1 Christmas Bicycle Donation

Christmas morning Company 1 members dropped off 3 bicycles to a family in Ferndale.

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