2015 History


Chief: Dennis DelBiaggio
Asst. Chief: Daniel DelBiaggio
Asst. Chief: John Miller

Fireman of the Year: Tom Grinsell

Company 1

  • Capt. Matt Knowles
  • Lt. Clint Michel
  • Marc Daniels
  • Ralph Lopez
  • John Snyder

Company 2

  • Capt. Dustin DelBiaggio
  • Lt. Tyson Boynton
  • Daniel DelBiaggio, Jr.
  • Francis Enos
  • Barbara James*
  • Tom Grinsell
  • Jack Smith
  • Josh Smith
  • Shane McKay

Company 3

  • Capt. Josh Adams
  • Lt. Andy Titus
  • Alexandra D'Aguanno
  • Jif D'Aguanno
  • Gillian Gallagher*
  • Byran McWaters
  • John Miller
  • Brian Morrison
  • Terry O'Reilly

Company 4

  • Capt. Rick Nicholson
  • Lt. Becca Hartman
  • Adam Harter
  • Troy Land
  • Quincy Russ*

*New Members

2/15/2015 - Firemen's Games

On a beautiful sunny day, Company 4 won the hose lay, Company 1 won the quick attack (replacing the water polo due to water conservation), Company 3 won the buckets, and Company 2 got to cook the hamburgers.

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3/7/2015 - Annual Dinner

Fireman of the Year award was presented to Andy Titus.

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5/12/2015 - 1955 American LaFrance Restoration

Work on replacing the brakes of the 1955 ALF was started. Tom Grinsell, Jerry Lema, Clint Michels and Matt Knowles are working on the restoration on Tuesday nights.

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5/17/2015 - 2015 Rosenbauer Engine 3 (7313) Delivered

After months of delay, the new Rosenbauer Engine 3 was delivered. It left the next day to have some items repaired at Burton Fire in Modesto.

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6/2/2015 - River Bar Fires

Arsonist set a series of fires along the river bar near East Ferry. Attack 7, Engine 3, and Tender 6 responded.

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6/11/2015 - Dumpster Fire

Contents of a debri dumpster caught on fire. Engine 2 and Tender 5 responded.

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6/27/2015 - FVFD Hall Workday

General hall cleanup, plus Allison Barnwell repainted the sign on the historic hall, and Chuck from Allpoint added a bit more bling to the annex.

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7/3/2015 - Fishing Boat Rescue

FVFD responded to a mayday call from a fishing boat that beached a mile north of Centerville beach. Two men were rescued and their boat was secured just at dusk. The boat was removed the next morning.

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7/4/2015 - Fire Engine Rides and Parade

Our annual 4th of July celebration with giving fire engine rides for kids.

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7/24/2015 - Wildcat Rollover

7374, 7312 and 7347 responded to a rollover accident on the Wildcat with the driver trapped in the vehicle. The vehicle was secured and the patient was extricated with only minor injuries.

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8/1/2015 - Cal-Fire Mutual Aid

7323 responded with several different crews to the Lightning Complex.

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10/15/2015 - FVFD/Rio Dell Extrication Drill Part 2

FVFD and Rio Dell Volunteer Fire Department drilled together for the second week in a row on auto and building extrication methods. Part 2 encompassed real time drills including all aspects of extrication from page out to final patient extraction.

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