2017 History


Chief: Daniel DelBiaggio
Asst. Chief: Rick Nicholson
Asst. Chief: Jerry Lema

Fireman of the Year: Ralph Lopez

Company 1

  • Capt. Ralph Lopez
  • Lt. Robert Anderson
  • Marc Daniels
  • Adrian Lopez
  • Clint Michel

Company 2

  • Capt. Tyson Boynton
  • Lt. Francis Enos
  • Dustin DelBiaggio
  • Daniel DelBiaggio, Jr.
  • Tom Grinsell
  • Barbara James
  • Shane McKay
  • Josh Smith

Company 3

  • Capt. Josh Adams
  • Lt. Byran McWaters
  • Don Bowen
  • Jif D'Aguanno
  • Dennis DelBiaggio
  • Gillian Gallagher
  • John Miller
  • Brian Morrison
  • Terry O'Reilly

Company 4

  • Capt. Quincy Russ
  • Lt. Andy Titus
  • Allison Barnwell
  • Adam Harter
  • Troy Land

*New Members

3/4/2017 - Annual Dinner

Fireman of the Year award was presented to Ralph Lopez. Jack Smith wrote a book on how to safely drive a fire engine.

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7/4/2017 - Fire Engine Rides and Parade

Big kids and little kids alike enjoying rides on our fleet of modern and antique fire engines.

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