1900 History


Chief: Fred Cruickshanks
Asst Chief: Dr. S.P. Porter (thru April 3)
Asst Chief: Ferd Hass (beginning May 8)
Treasurer: E.A. Aggeler
Secretary: W.H. Dougherty

Engine Co. 1

  • Foreman Thomas Flowers
  • 1st Asst. Foreman John Meng
  • 2nd Asst. Foreman Charles T. Miller1
  • Secretary George L. Collins
  • Treasurer E.A. Aggeler
  • W.H. Robarts
  • E.B. Carr
  • Lee Cathey
  • E.F. Kausen
  • William Kausen
  • E.M. Loveland
  • George Stillings
  • F.G. Williams

Hose Co. 1

  • Foreman Charles Davis
  • 1st Asst Foreman Fons Brien
  • 2nd Asst Foreman David Cronin
  • Secretary Guy Bugbee
  • Treasurer W.H. Dougherty

Hose Co. 2

  • Foreman Herbert Smith
  • William Bartlett
  • Arthur Chick
  • James Gill
  • F. Haas
  • F.A. Hanson
  • George Haywood
  • F. Lithgow
  • Dwight L. Loofbourrow
  • Ira Lovell
  • George Smith
  • J.W. Steeves
  • Eralso White

Hook & Ladder

  • Foreman Peter Petersen
  • 1st Asst Foreman Charles Matthews
  • 2nd Asst Foreman W.H. Otto
  • Secretary Jack Ayers
  • Robert Smith
(This is not a conclusive list, only what we have documented so far.)

May 1, 1900

The Ferndale Fire Department holds a fundraiser Grand Ball on Dewey Day. Dewey Day, in case you're not familiar with it, commemorates the 1898 victory of Admiral George Dewey against the Spanish. It was a big thing at the turn of the century.

May 29, 1900 - Ferndale Enterprise

Work on Ferndale's new engine house, next to the Russ building, is progressing nicely.


19000611-Ordinance 70

19000611-Ordinance 70

Notes: 1. Last name is either Miller or Mills.